You can expect a very casual setting at a Refuge service. Most people wear jeans and t-shirts. Others dress up a little more. We just want you to feel comfortable...we don't have a dress code.
When you reach the front door you'll be welcomed in with smiling faces!  We want you to make your way to the welcome desk on the left when you get into the lobby.  There we'll ask you to fill out some information so that we can connect with you.  Our desire is to make you feel as welcome as possible in our community.
If you have children we'll take you to The Refuge Kids Check-In.  Our Kids coordinating team will help you from there. They'll get you checked in and show you to the kids area.  
You will be escorted to the sanctuary where the lights will be low.  We believe that people are more expressive in their worship when they don't feel like everyone is watching them.  Our hope is that you'll feel comfortable to worship God in a way that is meaningful to you!
When the service is ready to begin, our worship leader will invite everyone to stand and worship.  We'll sing a few songs and then the worship leader will lead us in prayer.
After worship, our pastor will come forward to give a 30-35 minute talk.  He'll have bible scriptures and thoughts prepared to help us learn how to grow closer to God and to be in community with each other.  
When the pastor finishes his talk he'll give us an opportunity to reflect on the teaching from the day.  He will give you an opportunity to come to the altar and pray.  The altar is simply a designated location at the front of the stage to kneel before God and ask him to give you guidance, hope, help, etc.  Someone from our staff will normally come forward and pray with you if you want them to.  
Lastly, you're welcome to hang around in the lobby area after service to talk with others that are on the same journey as you.  We all have a story and we all need a Savior!  Wherever you are in life, you matter to us!  Whatever you bring to the table, you matter to God, and God has a purpose for you!  

Welcome home!

Check us out!  See you soon.  

Have Questions?  We would love to hear from you.

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