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Neighborhood Hope Dealer’s Toy Drive 2016 – December 10th @ 7:00 pm


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Thankful Thursday

Let us give thanks to the Lord for his graces, in whatever circumstance we are in.


The Election is Over

The election is over. So what do we do now? Exactly what Chuck Colson recommended the day after the 2008 election when Barack Obama was elected. Here are Chuck’s Words of wisdom for us to remember and live by: Whether you’re recovering from your all-night celebration or drying the tears from your pillow, today’s a […]


Where to Begin

  Proverbs 9:10. ” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and all the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding”. I received this verse in my inbox this morning that really had me thinking. It wasn’t a verse I had never read, but this morning it struck me differently. We all […]


Neighborhood Hope Dealer Toy Drive Concert


Is The Word of God the Truth?

Last night at Bible Conversations, we tackled the question, ” Is The Word of God the Truth? A question I have been frequently asked by people that are believers and non believers through the years. It’s a question that really challenges us. The conversation last night was spirited and there was good points brought out […]

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The Heart of a Winner

  I coach high school football because it’s the only true team sport. Unless all 11 players do their job, the team will fail. But with coaching comes the thrill of winning and the heartbreak of losing. I must say that the winning is great, but when the team loses, it hurts. I find myself […]


When God Says Go – Part 2 – The Refuge

So I shared that God took me in another direction last Sunday and I ended up in John 10:7-9. It was there that I saw something I had never seen. When Jesus referred to Himself as the door, or gate, it lines up with what he was saying in Matthew 7:13-14. The gate is narrow […]


WE are off and running @ The Refuge

Wow what an awesome night at the Midweek Family Connect. We began playing a few games as adults and kids squared off. My particular favorite was the marshmallow toss. You put a paper plate at the edge of a table with a marshmallow on it.You then hit the edge of the plate hanging off the […]

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When God says Go!

Sunday morning I woke up and got ready to go over my sermon notes and prepare for the lesson. As I am going through my mind, what I believe God wants, I feel a check in my spirit and begin to hear God speak to my heart.  John 10:10  Well, I know what this verse […]