Why do we need church?

by Anon

The other day I invited a friend to come to church with me. She said that she is fine, that she reads the bible and she prays wherever she is. Another friend said that she will gather her friend and pray with her for when there is two or more, God is there. So why do we need church?

A lot of people have been hurt, antagonized, tricked or disillusioned by the church they have attended. Most of them do not return to any kind of congregation because of this. So, what makes The Refuge different?

What is Church?  It may be defined in several ways. 1) it is a building used for public Christian worship , a place of worship, the house of God 2) a particular Christian organization typically one of its own clergy, buildings and distinctive doctrines 3) the hierarchy of clergy of a Christian organization 4) institutional religion as a political or social force. Urban dictionary defines it as a strong agreement, as if it were law.

The word church comes from the Greek “ekklesia” which mean gathering or assembly therefore it may be defined as a gathering of people who come for fellowship with one another as they worship God and hear from his word, the Bible. The purpose pf the church is to glorify God and to inform the world through fellowship about the work of Jesus Christ as our redeemer.

Ergo, the “church” consists of the people who join in fellowship, worship God and minister to others.

When we invite our friends and family, we are asking them to open up their hearts and have a relationship with God.  We are to nurture and help them to mature in Christ.

The Refuge exists for the purpose helping people be saved, healed, set free, disciples, equipped, empowered and serving. It starts with the Sunday service and is carried thru outreach (e.g. handing out food to the needy, giving out toys to tots, feeding and housing the homeless) and supporting ministries (Neighborhood Hope Dealer and Mission Solano) to reach out to the lost and to those who have spiritual and other needs.

I would want my friends and family to rejoice in Gods glory, to worship HIM in spirit and truth, to accept Jesus as their Savior and to do things that are pleasing to HIM so that we may be granted salvation.

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Latest from Pastor Dwight Dalton

Dwight Dalton

One of the things I love about being a Pastor is teaching the Word of God and sharing His great love. The passion Jesus has for us and the fact He was willing to go to the cross for His creation is mind boggling. Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28; Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. My heart is to see people come into a relationship with Jesus and find the rest they are so desperately seeking and a connectivity with His people. Even if you have never been to church before, we welcome you to come and see what we are about. Through Sunday morning services where God is worshipped and The Bible is taught, small groups that promote relationship building and fun activities like barbecues in the park, we connect people with God, with other people, and our community. Speaking of community, Jesus says come, but we are a church on the go. We know that we need to connect and be active in our community. We do this through food giveaways to those in need. Cleaning up trash in our parks and other parts of our city. Hosting events that promote interaction with our neighbors and assisting schools anyway we can. We provide shelter and food for the homeless. Partner with churches, ministries, and organizations to help make our community a place where people want to live. We live out our faith at The Refuge not by what we say but what we do.

Our prayer for you is that The Refuge would be a place of refreshing in God’s Spirit, and a stronghold against life’s storms. A place to Serve God and love others…..


Pastor D