Proverbs 9:10. ” The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and all the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding”.

I received this verse in my inbox this morning that really had me thinking. It wasn’t a verse I had never read, but this morning it struck me differently. We all want wisdom and have sought after it through many avenues. Some of us have gone to college and have degrees. Others have studied abroad in search of nuggets of wisdom. Some have read books by great scholars and thinkers looking for the wisdom of life. But here the Bible is telling us that if we truly seek to have wisdom, it begins with God. When it states the fear of the Lord, it’s not talking about being afraid of Him. The word fear in the Hebrew in this verse means respect or reverence.

Think about it as if you were going to visit Queen Elizabeth. You wouldn’t fear her as in she was going to hurt you, rather you respect and honor her position as queen. It’s that same with God. We honor and respect His position as ruler over everything. And the writer of Proverbs tells us that when we realize who God is, then that’s the beginning of wisdom. He goes on to write that all knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. When we know who God really is, then all understanding comes to us.

So what’s your point Pastor? My point is this. Today is Election Day in the US. By late this evening, we will know who is going to be leading our country for the next 4 years. When the ballots are counted, we may not agree or understand why this person is in office. But, if we remember that God is on the throne and know Who He is, then whatever the outcome of today’s election, we can rest squarely on the knowledge that God is still in control. We just need to continue to fulfill what He has called us to do at The Refuge. Seek the lost and bring them into a relationship with Jesus. So rest easy. God has this election under control…..